I’m on the road, this week, talking about creative and innovative human resources practices.

I believe that great HR happens when our behaviors—the way in which you conduct yourself with your clients and colleagues—are positive and respectful. As I’ve written in the past, far too many HR professionals are caught up in the horizontal drama of human resources and forget that the entire organization is watching us when we recognize and reward our colleagues.

(And when we don’t.)

Great HR happens when our capabilities grow and exceed the stated abilities on our resumes and job descriptions. While it was once okay to be a human resources generalist, it’s now imperative to move forward and think of ourselves as advisors. HR makes great work happen through other people, not by policing or doing the work ourselves.

And, finally, creative and innovative HR happens through the smart and simple application of technology. When it works, it works. When it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We are not afraid to look, listen and take meetings with vendors. We’re not shy and ask questions about buzzwords and jargon that makes no sense. And we’re certainly not going to buy an enterprise software solution without collaborating with our colleagues in IT and procurement, understanding the problem we’re trying to solve, and piloting a program that helps us get down to the simplest solution out there.

Creative and innovative HR happens in the center of respectful behaviors, growing capabilities, and the implementation of simple and elegant technologies. The roadmap to great HR exists, everybody, and it’s less complex than you can imagine.

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