Donald Knight HRI’m back with our “Connect & Grow” series, featuring remarkable HR leaders making a difference in our ever-evolving industry. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Donald Knight, an Atalnta-based executive with a proven track record of driving results and transforming organizations.

Donald is currently the Chief People Officer at Greenhouse Software, leading the charge in building people-first strategies as the company scales globally. He has a knack for driving financial results, business growth, and asset value through developing and delivering people strategies. Not just confined to a local setting, Donald has lived and worked abroad and excels in finding and optimizing talent globally.

Before Greenhouse Software, Donald held strategic roles at Edelman, Proximity Media, and Equifax, where he led transformations, strategized business growth, and established people operations that enhanced productivity and fostered positive company culture. His accomplishments range from leading change management priorities across multiple continents to designing innovative human capital strategies that increased revenue per full-time employee. But he also knows how the sausage is made in HR and believes in the important work of infrastructure-building and process improvement to ensure an organization is equipped to handle future transformative moves in the marketplace.

One aspect of Donald’s skills that sets him apart in the HR landscape is his unique ability to fluently speak the language of business, HR, and recruiting. This trilingual proficiency enables him to effectively bridge gaps between all constituencies, establishing him as a leader, friend, and ally. Whether facilitating open dialogues, explaining complex HR strategies in accessible terms, or building productive relationships, Donald has a knack for aligning diverse perspectives toward common goals. And his long-standing commitment to fostering a sense of belonging is truly respectable. He firmly believes that the cornerstone of a high-performance team lies in its psychological safety. By creating an environment where employees feel safe to voice their thoughts, take risks, and be themselves, Donald ensures that his workforce is equipped with the freedom to innovate, collaborate, and deliver great work. His comprehensive approach to people management highlights his true talent in shaping cultures that promote growth, inclusion, and outstanding performance.

In his role as the host of the “People-first” podcast, Donald sits down with leaders from innovative organizations like WPP, SoundExchange, and Kickstarter to discover how these companies are making their people a top priority. Each episode delivers practical, sustainable strategies that help make companies more people-first, fostering creativity, improving business performance, spurring innovation, and creating positive social good. You can also hear him on an episode of Punk Rock HR!

Donald Knight is not just an HR leader; he is a high-energy innovator shaping the future of the HR industry. With his deep commitment to making people a top priority and his expertise in fostering growth and inclusivity, he truly embodies the spirit of our “Connect & Grow” series. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce him to you.

And if you’re lucky to meet Donald, here’s one thing you should know: get him talking about the universal appeal of ice cream! It’s part psychology and part commonsense because, after all, ice cream is delicious.