I’m off to Istanbul. People keep telling me, “Don’t die.”

As if I’ll get caught up in the Syrian conflict or the ongoing fight against radical extremism. Or maybe they think I’ll get hit by a truck.

Those things might happen, but what’s the alternative? Stay home and be a middle-aged white woman who fears everything and nothing in particular?

Here’s what I know: American women are much more likely to die from gun violence at the hands of middle-aged white men than ISIS. Husbands and partners kill more women than Daesh. And if your hubby wears Vineyard Vines, all I’m saying is you better run.

So I’m off to Istanbul with my work-wife, Jennifer McClure. Do you love me? Do you owe me an apology? Want to confess your secrets? Now is not the time to bother me. I’m doing some last-minute packing.

Talk to me when I get back.


  1. Merhaba.

    I traveled through Istanbul in the summer of 1979? It was Pan Am’s mistake then fault. This was during the Iranian hostage crisis & I was on my way to Incirlik Air Base to eventually play my own bit role.

    Be Well

  2. You are the woman, we read in books or see on wanderlust commercials.

    For me, you are one free-spirited, fun loving kick ass writer.

    I hope you have a great time and looking forward to your travelogues.

  3. Travel well fearless ladies. You and Jennifer will have a fabulous time. And thanks for the common sense perspective that seems to be missing these days. Can’t wait for the stories! xoxox

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