I Am HR - Laurie Ruettimann Ebook

I wrote a new e-book. It is called, I Am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR.

You will love this book. It’s the first time anyone has ever addressed stereotypes about human resources professionals in an honest and candid manner.

This book goes beyond the stereotypes and advises HR professionals of all levels — assistants, recruiters, business partners, VPS — on how they can reclaim their work and their reputations. I give you research, case studies and real world examples of men and women who work in human resources and break stereotypes all day long.

Let’s change HR together. Download this book, tell your friends about it, and write a review on Amazon.

(If you don’t have a Kindle, or you haven’t downloaded the free Kindle App for your smartphone, other versions of the book can be found here.)

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