Tony Robbins said something stupid about the #MeToo movement and then, shocking nobody, offered a tone-deaf apology.

Are we really surprised?

Tony Robbins is a piece of garbage who has been defrauding dreamers and doers for countless decades. And it’s time for conference organizers, advertisers, and even readers to drop Tony Robbins for a better path towards enlightenment.

I love motivational speakers. Wanna get motivated? Look locally, within your community, for the movers and shakers who are kicking ass and taking names. You work with awesome people. You go to church and temple with talented individuals. Want to change your life? Ask your neighbor or colleague for some help.

Don’t look to Tony Robbins for anything. Not for inspiration. Not for motivation. And, clearly, not for an apology when he’s been a moron.


  1. Robbins represents the worst version of bootstrap, sexist, classist white male privilege. He understands nothing about structural inequality and systemic racism. Good riddance!

  2. Perhaps we should start a new blog to keep a rolling tally of certified pieces of sh!t.

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