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I’m lucky to have smart people around me who offer advice on everything. This expertise comes in handy because I’m working on GlitchPath and looking to avoid the same mistakes that other entrepreneurs make when they launch a start-up.

Recently, a friend of mind gave me some awesome advice.

“Ask for money, you get advice. Ask for advice, you get money.”

Not only is that good entrepreneurial advice, it’s good advice for asking your parents for money. Millennials, take note.

I thought about what my friend told me, and I swear that I had heard it before. Turns out, it’s from Pitbull and Christina Aguilera.

Ask for money
And get advice.
Ask for advice,
Get money twice.
I’m from the dirty
But that chico nice.
Y’all call it a moment.
I call it life.

I’m not saying this entrepreneurial advice isn’t very good. I’m just saying that we live in a world that seeks easy answers handed to us by memes, inspirational Instagram quotes and sound bites delivered to us by pop culture icons.

And me? I’m not from the dirty, as Pitbull so eloquently states, and I’ll be fact-checking all the wise and wonderful advice from my friends in the future.

Whoa, whoa oh oh. I just want to feel this moment!

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