Most of you know that I’m toiling away at a side project: a software company. It’s going slowly because I’m trying to be deliberate and diligent while also having fun and not taking myself too seriously.

It’s amazing and horrible at the same time. Mostly amazing. (Well, ask me how I feel in a few more weeks.)

Whatever happens, though, this is my path. The timeline is mine. I have a clear vision of what I would like to accomplish. I’m answering to nobody. I don’t feel pressure to compromise.

And I’ll probably fail.

Eh, that’s okay. In some ways, everything fails. Your car, your kids, your career, your marriage, your liver, your water heater. Things end. The warranty expires. If you’re smart, you’ve contained that risk. You’ve got a good plan. You pick up the pieces and grow.

And when things fail, my go-to strategy is to take a hike in the woods. There is no failure in nature, only adaptation.

As romantic as it sounds to lose yourself in thoughts among the trees, it’s not a safe strategy when you’re a petite woman wandering in the woods. So I snap back to reality by looking for the next loblolly pine in my line of sight.

There’s always a loblobby pine around here. You can’t miss it. The bark is distinctive.


I’m also forced to stay rather mindful in the woods. If I’m consumed with self-doubt and don’t pay attention to my surroundings, I’ll step on a snake.

hike 1

I’m trying my hardest to make an effort at something new, maintain an even-keeled perspective, and have a little fun with my life. When all of that seems really hard, sometimes it’s just nice to take a hike in the woods.

Might be a good strategy for you, too.

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