Hey, everybody.

Years ago, I did a series of blog posts called “F@%k It Friday.” We’d spend the day on Friday talking about stuff that has nothing to do with work or HR.

So, it’s Friday afternoon. I worked hard, this week. Let’s have some fun and bring F@%k It Friday back. Why not? I’m sick of fixing work, today, and sometimes it’s good to have a little fun.

I wonder — do you prefer lakes or oceans?

Let me know!



  1. I live on long island, so it is ocean all the way… I’ll leave the f#@king to others. Enjoy the weekend ????????‍♀️

  2. I am firmly Team Ocean. The tides, the slight brine in the air, and the power of the ocean, is soul-cleansing.

    re: dark ‘n’ stormy, the emergency alerts have been going off on my phone for over an hour. That sound is upsetting the cats more than the actual thunder.

  3. I visit the ocean at least once a year. Nothing quite like it. Just spent a great week in St. Simons Island GA. It was awesome.
    Having said that I grew up sailing and skiing in Lake Erie, and now live on Lake Lanier. I won’t try and change your mind, but I’ll gladly take you out on the pontoon boat.

  4. Team ocean fore sure, but preferably the Gulf because it’s warm like a bathtub and I’m a wimp despite having grown up 5 min from the Atlantic in South Florida.

  5. Oceans, FTW. Tides, beauty, power, majesty: cradle of life on earth. Bonus points: seafood!

  6. Oceans can be spectacular in their size and wonderful beaches. But backpacking or hiking up to a clear alpine lake surrounded by mountain peaks is simply awesome!

  7. I live in Montana so I’m a #lakegirl for life! I am fortunate to live in the Helena area so I can be on the water in the summertime at one of 3 lakes in less than 30 minutes!
    Thank you for bringing this series back – – I missed it!!!

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