The state of Virginia has a motto.

“Virginia is for lovers.”

Parts of Virginia are stunning — including horses, the ocean, lakes, rivers, hills, golf courses, forests, green, blue, sunrise, sunset — but, for the most part, Virginia is just one big swath of land occupied by poor people who haven’t benefitted from the America’s economic recovery.

Where there isn’t economic blight, there’s traffic. Or both.

So you can create a great marketing campaign around Virginia or anything, but you’re not fooling me. And that’s how I feel, by and large, about Google Plus and Google Hangouts. Most people don’t like either platform, and I’m struck by something Steve Ballmer once told me.

“Google hasn’t innovated since search and email.”

That’s not entirely true about Google’s approach to its consumer business, but it’s largely true. And I’m struck by how I just name-dropped Steve Ballmer, by the way.

So what’s this blog post all about?

The whole point of this is that I’m doing a Google Hangout for CareerBuilder tomorrow. I’m doing this because, despite how I feel about everything, the CareerBuilder Google+ page is getting hella traffic and high engagement. We are bringing a few of our core talent advisors together and embedding the hangout in tweets so you can watch it live on Twitter and participate.

Wait, what?

Just hang with me for a second. CareerBuilder is creating an immersive experience for your entertainment purposes. They are using Google Hangouts. I watched all sorts of tech nerds on Google Hangouts, and it’s possible to create an integrated “tv show” of sorts using multiple social networks to deliver an experience that is part TV, part interactive, and part Hulu.

So what’s happening? What are you doing? Where is this?

We are doing a chat on both Twitter and Google Hangouts. Here’s how you can participate.

Go on Twitter at 3PM ET, tomorrow, and find us using the hashtag #talentadvisor. That’s it. Watch us live and interact with us over there.

That’s it. So easy. So interesting. And if you participate, this becomes one of the key skills you develop to differentiate yourself as a progressive HR professional.

Not a bad strategy, eh?

Just trust me. Go on Twitter, tomorrow. You can see me live — and maybe Roxy, too. That’s something, right?

See you soon!


POST UPDATE: The chat is live and here!


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