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I’m not a big fan of pre-planned interview questions. Ask a boring question, get a boring answer. I like reliable and valid interview processes, but asking someone to list their “biggest weaknesses” will not predict success.

So if you’re going to ask some interview questions, make them interesting.

What do you think of Donald Trump?

There is only one correct way to answer that question. I know you might not be able to ask a political question if you work in a government office, but he won’t be in the presidential race forever. It’s always a valid question.

Do you think the Confederate flag is racist?

Of course, everybody will say it’s racist. Your follow-up question is simple. “Really?” And you should whisper it because racist people think you agree with them when you whisper.

Do you watch soccer?

C’mon, man. Nobody in this country watches soccer on TV. Maybe the Women’s World Cup, of course, because those women are badass. But not a pro-team. Don’t lie to me.

If you had to pick one, choose Scientology, Westboro Baptist Church, or the Bandidos.

I think the answer will show creativity, character and a good understanding of whether or not the candidate is up on current events.

Do you think it’s okay to kiss animals on the lips?

Yes, duh, it’s okay. Any other answer is unacceptable. I kiss my cats on the lips because my cats are delicious and, oh yeah, it allows me to stay on top of their dental health. If a candidate is allergic to animals, you could listen for a second conditional answer such as, “If I had a cat, I would kiss her on the lips.”

So those are my suggestions for great interview questions. Have some, too? Let me know!


  1. Between George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Warren Beatty; who would you marry, who would you kill, and who will you screw with?

    Same question goes, on the other side, between Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, and Bryce Dallas Howard

    I would also ask what their ultimate last meal would be so I can try it.

    Oh, to answer your interview questions:

    Confederate Flag-racist
    Watch Soccer-yes, but agree no one watches a pro women’s soccer team, although I will try, if I know what channel it is.
    I pick Scientology since you actually believe in alien lifeform.
    It’s alright to kiss animals, except chicken, because the CDC said so.

  2. What do you think of Howard Stern?

    Because he’s my boyfriend.

    Have you watched Pitch Perfect? (my employees’ reviews are impacted by the answer to this question)

  3. A few years ago I asked an HR interviewee (now a very good friend) what web browser she used. To this day she still says it was the most oddball interview question she’s ever been asked.

    Two years later I was somewhat vindicated after The Economist came out with an article that said employees that use Chrome or Firefox perform better and stay in their posts for 15% longer, on average, than those who use the default pre-installed browser.

    Of course I didn’t know that info when I asked the question. I guess I was just ahead of my time. 🙂

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