19224141903_772381183e_zHi, everybody.

Uh, yeah, I took a break from blogging. It’s not like you don’t know about my hiatus. No secrets here, but I feel like I should address it before I jump right back into writing.

The story goes like this: I was sitting on a beach and thought, “I don’t have anything new to write. I should take a break.”

I work hard for the opportunity to take a hiatus from my blog on demand and without apology. So I took it.

What did I do with my time off? Well, I did practically nothing. There were some days when I wanted to have a point with my life, but I told myself, “No, stay faithful to the mission. Keep sitting on your ass.”

I missed you guys, but doing nothing is pretty sweet. When I burned calories and used my brain, it was a light effort. I read some books. I took a few vacations. I worked with clients and traveled to a few events, but I also ate a lot of ice cream and stopped reading HR blogs.

Being LFR is great, but being LFR in real life is even better. I took a sabbatical from running. I didn’t color my hair. When I had to look nice, I just paid someone to help me out. In fact, I wrote lots of checks to avoid doing real work. I went to meditation and yoga classes. I went for massages and started physical therapy for my sore pelvis. And I paid someone to get my books in order and begin the move to an S-corporation because I’m sick of funding the military industrial complex and abstinence-only sex education.

(I guess I was productive!)

I’m a better version of myself because of this hiatus. I offered some advice on how you can take time off over on Fistful of Talent. You should take my advice because, honestly, everybody deserves a break. And I’m a great role model.

Thanks for your (six letters of) support during my absence. It meant the world to me. I’ll be back on Monday with regularly scheduled posts.



  1. Good for you! I am glad you are back but also happy you had time for yourself to do what you wanted to do. I must admit, I was a little worried that I got kicked off your mailing list when I didn’t get anything for awhile, but then I saw the post about Roxy and knew I was still connected!

    Any interesting meditation techniques you learned that you would like to share?

  2. I am off for a 3-week vacation to Iceland Laurie so I agree your point. I am trying to encourage as many colleagues as possible to do the same thing… 🙂 Welcome back!

  3. welcome back!!! (1) I did the same and it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself AND to others (2) my grandparents lived to their 90s – both happy, healthy and outrageously successful – they both “retired” about 10 times and were well known to take sabbaticals to refresh and reinvigorate…long before it was cool. ???

  4. I think it’s cool that we don’t always agree. Come to Columbus; lots of restaurants, not enough time. It would be a joyfully raucous table, I guarantee.

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