In a recent episode of Let’s Fix Work, I explored three personalities of Human Resources and their relation to SHRM. Briefly, they are: the fan, the hater, and the oblivious.

The Fan: They love their profession and feel like HR makes a difference through an organization like SHRM.

The Hater: They dislike SHRM and basically hate everything about it. There are some reasons why they’re right. There are some reasons why they’re wrong, but they are definitely a persona. 

The Oblivious: The third type of HR professional doesn’t really know anything about SHRM. They are too busy and have all sorts of stuff going on. They just don’t have time for SHRM.

Regardless of which personality scheme you fit into, there is one trait that you must possess. You can love SHRM, you can hate SHRM, or you don’t have an opinion on SHRM.  

But if you work in human resources, you have to love HR. 

You have to embrace it for what it is and say this is a function that’s going through a lot of change. Your love for HR will keep you passionate and aid you in fixing the world of work.

In addition, you’ve got to develop a network of people who know how to play the HR game, who hate to play the HR game, and also who are interested in rethinking the HR game. 

You’ve got to develop a diverse network which includes different ways of thinking. It’s important to develop interesting diverse points of view. In the end, doing so will be how you can, collectively, make the world of work that surrounds you better.  

If you want to hear me talk further about the three personality types of the HR profession and about SHRM, then jump over here to listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work.