Here’s you how you know you failed.

  1. If you stopped trying.
  2. If you never tried.
  3. If you didn’t learn anything.
  4. If you gave up too soon because it was hard.
  5. If you quit because you were frustrated.
  6. If you valued short-term fun over long-term results.
  7. If you expected something worthwhile would be easy.
  8. If you fought over nothing.
  9. If you got angry because of small things.
  10. If you couldn’t say no.
  11. If you never said yes.
  12. If you weren’t kind.
  13. If you were selfish.
  14. If you thought you were being funny but other people thought you were cruel.
  15. If you acted like a martyr when you were really looking for attention.
  16. If you never trusted.
  17. If you couldn’t be trusted.

It’s okay to fail. That’s how we learn. But the key is to stop failing in the same boring way. Over and over again. Like a dope. Wondering why life won’t turn out differently.

I don’t think it’s possible to stop failure, but I’m at HR Tech Fest talking about how to overcome universal forces of failure™ at work. I wish you were here because I think this session might be a good lesson for life. I’ll share my presentation on Twitter when the conference is over!

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