Cuban flag skullWhile I’m on hiatus, I thought I’d stop the recognition train and write about HR bloggers that I hate.

Wait, just kidding, that’s awful.

Over the past few years, everything I’ve done — from being a cat mom to running — has helped me to think about the footprint I leave in this world.

As a vegetarian, I practice non-violence towards animals. So why would I hate people, especially HR bloggers? I’m compassionate. I hope that people will offer grace and compassion to me when I need it the most.

I try to write and speak with some level of truthfulness, too. Here’s what I know about writing on the internet: not everything that is felt is real. Even if it is real, it may not need to be expressed. Anger and hatred are powerful and cunning distractions — more seductive than Facebook and Candy Crush combined. My full-time job as a blogger is to be kind to my colleagues and tell good stories. I can’t do that if I’m consumed with rage.

I think anger is impulsive, as well. Hatred saps my strength and energy. I can whip in the wind like a plastic garbage bag on the highway, or I can focus on what’s important to me. Hating a human resources blogger — or anyone, for that matter — won’t bring happiness or balance to my life.

Not everybody is my cup of tea, and some people cannot stand me. Relationships that once seemed promising have gone off the deep end. That’s life, and my best hope is that everyone learns from one another, and egos are unscathed.

I hate social injustice and racism. I hate celery and sour gummy worms. But I don’t hate any HR bloggers, and neither should you.

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  1. Laurie, I was drawn to the title of your article. Good headline – agreed everyone has to be careful about the footprint they leave. Never wrtie anything in haste – best to be considered and thoughful. Regards, Nick

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