Hi, everybody. Wanted to tell you about HR Tech Fest in Washington DC.

HR has moved beyond its operational role and is fast transforming into a focused and disciplined strategic business function, and technology is the essential enabler of this transformation. Is your organization prepared? Join us at HR Tech Fest to meet the best and brightest in the industry and hear them discuss this exciting convergence of people, process and tech.

I’m chairing a track, whatever the heck that means, but it should be great. Want to go? Email me and I’ll personally introduce you to the conference organizer so you can learn more. I’m not paid to push the event. I just want to get you out of the office for a few days.

The conference is on April 20-22. Hope to see you there!

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  1. It’s a great event Laurie. I am so pleased you are involved. chairing a track is great fun, I did one at the Tech Fest in Australia last year. Look forward to hearing how it goes. SM

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