The only reason Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing football is that the NFL and its team owners are trying to appease racist fans.

Before you email me and explain how capitalism works, I know that teams can hire anybody for any reason. They can also fire people for performance. But anybody who tells you that Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing football this year because of his performance is either stupid or racist.

You pick.

Stop yourself before you tweet at me and tell me that Kaepernick isn’t playing because he’s a distraction because I agree with you. Racist fans don’t want to be distracted by thoughts of police-on-black violence. It’s a distraction for racist fans to consider the lack of justice for Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and, now, Lamar Smith.

I already know you think some team will eventually pick up Kaepernick, but you believe that his performance will suffer. He’ll probably be rusty. That might be true, and funny how Kaepernick fares in this scenario. Works out fine for the NFL team who will be “brave” enough to hire him eventually. Works out well for racist fans who will say that Kaepernick was never as good as he seemed. Doesn’t work out well for Kaepernick who only wants to have an opinion and do his job — same as you.

And, just last week, I heard that this “media circus” is good for Kaepernick because he can work on behalf of causes that are near and dear to his heart. Like, you know, racial equality and keeping black people safe from racist cops. But if anybody out there thinks Kaepernick prefers to have the spotlight on him instead of playing football in a world where black people don’t die at the hands of cops, they’re either stupid or racist.

Again, pick one.

So, to summarize: The only reason Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing football is that the NFL and its team owners are trying to appease racist fans. If you’re not one of those racist fans, it’s time to start letting owners and executives know by reminding the NFL that you’re a consumer and you’re with Kap.


  1. I find it incredibly interesting (i.e. hypocritical) that many Americans expect their athletes to be role models merely because of the importance we have placed on their vocation and the spotlight that is thrust upon that vocation. However, when someone doesn’t abuse women, animals, or their fan base, but instead merely opts to express their dissatisfaction with the injustices they see socially all around them we want them to just shut up and play ball. To your point, you can’t have that both ways either. Pick one.

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