I have the weirdest conversations on the road.

A blogger and I were talking about tone, story selection and narrative. She told me, “I have to think about all the issues that are important to my audience, and I have a large gay following.”

I said, “Wait, what does that mean? Do you measure your audience and know the demographics, or do you have a couple of fat gay guys who read your blog?”

She didn’t think it was funny. I didn’t think it’s cool to brag about your gay following unless you are Kathy Griffin. And no blogger in any niche industry has a huge audience, anymore. It’s not 2009.

But I digress because my real point is that gay rights are human rights. Gay issues are human issues. And if you’re a strong blogger who is on the correct side of human history, your agenda will be aligned with the gay agenda — whatever the hell that even means.

But maybe I’m just competitive and I think my gay audience is larger, which is a legitimate accusation. I am shitty enough to make a donation to the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus just to be the first person in my state to donate. Because of my contribution, they were able to add glitter to North Carolina.


Where’s your glitter, bitch?

Just kidding. My blogger friend was just trying to be inclusive and address the very real need for equal protection under the law that isn’t afforded to many gay men and women in America. She is looking out for her LGBTQIA friends, colleagues and readers.

She can have her large gay following. I’ll take my glitter map. We are both doing good work, and I am happy that we’re on the right side of history!


  1. I can’t claim to be part of your Large Gay Following, but I can personally vouch for its existence! Also, “Where’s your glitter, bitch?” would make a fabulous catchphrase—or album title.

  2. Holy irony that you posted this on the day Tim Cook came out!

    (and, uh, thanks for being glittery. It’s appreciated.)

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