Your HR lady doesn’t know what to do when she assumes a position of power. She’s either too tough and acts like what she imagines a dude would act like, or she wants to be liked and asks for buy-in from her colleagues.

If I had to make a choice — and it would be a false choice — I would advise you to stop asking for buy-in.

Good leaders are inclusive well before decisions are actually made. And leadership requires a spine. If you are asking for buy-in, you’re not a real leader.

So never ask for buy-in.


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  1. I agree.
    You either have the pulse of your team or you don’t.
    You can either guide your team toward consensus or you can’t.
    You are either decisive or you are not.
    Team involvement should’ve started way back when you saw the need, not when you settled on a solution.
    A true leader keeps their team on the same page and their ducks in a row so when it’s time to execute, they can just pull the trigger.
    You don’t even have to be in a supervisory role to be this kind of leader.

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