I’m not a huge fan of buzzwords because I have a soul. When you’re podcasting and talking about the world of work, it’s hard to avoid the jargon. That’s why my team made a buzzword bingo scorecard to keep me honest.

And guess what? They made a copy for you to play along as you listen to Let’s Fix Work or attend a boring meeting.

We fully realize that “Let’s Fix Work” sounds a little simplistic and jargony. Is it just that easy? Can we fix work-life balance challenges? How about employee disengagement? Can we fix the North Korea summit, too?

But I believe that if you fix work for yourself, you’ll fix it for others. Put your needs as a healthy adult first, and you’ll make the world of work a better place.

So, have fun with the bingo card and, if you’re interested, sign up for the Let’s Fix Work email list to get weekly updates on our podcast. No spam, no buzzwords, no GDPR updates. Just fun guests who are really trying to make work better for themselves and other people.

Thanks again for listening, and I hope you’re enjoying the show.

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