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HR TribeI got a call from a friend this week who asked me if I needed money. He saw my new Patreon account and wondered if I had fallen on hard times.

I’ll always take money, thank you, but it made me step back and think about how I speak to the world about the business of podcasting and creating content.

My previous blogs — Punk Rock HR and The Cynical Girl — tried to democratize HR and share corporate secrets with the masses. And it worked for a while, but a blog has limited reach. That’s why I’m working on three new things: my podcast, a book, and my keynote speaking schedule for 2019.

My podcast and book, both called “Let’s Fix Work,” won’t make me wealthy or famous, but they might solve some work-related problems for an audience who is sick and tired of hearing sententious advice from self-help gurus and soulless Silicon Valley CEOs.

Want a better employee experience? Want to earn more money and have better options for retirement? Want to overcome the burden of debt, avoid hostile work environments and be happier at work? Real people with real problems deserve more than sound bites. They deserve solutions. That’s what this is all about.

But “Let’s Fix Work” is an endeavor that needs to be run like a business. I’ve spent some time working on an LFR revenue model, and the podcast and community will never be successful if it doesn’t have audience support.

That’s where you can help. If you enjoy the show and you’d like to see “Let’s Fix Work” grow, please support it at any level on Patreon. Like many other podcasters who have Patreon pages, your money will go towards the production and distribution of the show. There’s no LFR slush fund. This is a real business.

But capitalism is fairly cut-and-dry. If you don’t like it, you won’t support it. And I’ll move onto something else. That’s how the market works.

I’m bullish on the future, and I’m invested in fixing work. Hope you can invest a little and fix work for yourself and others, too.


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