Hey, everybody. I’ve been absent from blogging because there aren’t enough mental hours in the day to write a book proposal, launch a podcast, focus on my wellbeing, read books, earn a little cash, and be present in my home life.

Sometimes I need a break from the screen, and the blog has languished.

I’m also trying to be less negative about human resources, which is what this blog is all about. It’s unnecessary to bang the drum when you’re right. Work is messed up, and HR is complicit. But the people I need to reach don’t work in HR. It’s time to help make the employee experience better (or less cruel) for more people. And since HR professionals are employees, too, it makes little sense to tear them down. They’re often victims as much as anybody else.

So, instead of being an HR blogger with limited views on the world of human resources, I’d rather pursue solutions to fix work for everybody. And I use the word “fix” because I think there are solutions to the wage gap, institutional biases, and the other intricate ways that work sucks. If I do my job right — by curating good ideas and sharing my own thoughts — I’ll fix work, and, also, fix HR.

That’s why I’m busy building a platform. Books. Podcasts. Blogs. Courses. And I will need your help. Whether you work at a restaurant or in HR, fixing work is a community effort. And we fix work by fixing ourselves. I’m ready to level-up and help people improve work around the world. And because you’re reading this, I think you’re ready, too.

I’ll be back soon with more information on how you can get involved.

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