I’ve been working on a podcast idea. I’m calling it “Let’s Fix Work.” I’ll talk to people who have ideas on how to fix work.

It’s not a super-complicated concept. Work sucks for most of us. The people closest to a problem are the ones well-equipped to solve it. Let’s talk to normal people in my network about fixing work.

It will either be amazing or awful. 

Reid Hoffman once said, “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” And I’ve learned that the fastest way to validate a good idea is to pressure-test the theory in the public eye.

So, the podcast launches in early April. The show will ask and answer one question: How do we fix work? 

Here’s my list. What am I missing? What do you think? Want to be a guest? Let me know.

– Fix yourself.
– Fix racism.
– Fix sexism.
– Fix poverty.
– Fix your posture.
– Fix gun violence.
– Fix domestic violence.
– Fix education and training.
– Fix how you nourish yourself.
– Fix your overall physical health.
– Fix healthcare and offer primary, guaranteed coverage.
– Fix inadequate access to mental health resources.
– Fix outdoor and indoor pollution: air, light, sound.
– Fix skyrocketing executive pay.
– Fix over-exaggerated expectations.
– Fix low expectations.
– Fix broken spirits.
– Fix broken families.
– Fix mansplaining.
– Fix meetings.
– Fix technology.
– Fix HR.


  1. Also…

    Fix childcare
    Fix parental care
    Fix mentorship programs
    Fix college vs vocational conversations in high school
    Fix college preparedness for work
    Fix retiree mindshare loss
    Fix internal mobility

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