Several years ago, my friends and I started a meme called #timsackettday to honor unsung heroes in the field of human resources who hustle but don’t receive any press. We’ve honored good folks like Tim Sackett, Paul Hebert, Kelly Dingee and Victorio Milian.

Today’s winner is Recruiting Animal. That’s not his real name, of course. It’s his nom de guerre, or as some people like to call it, a pseudonym. But I think a nom de guerre is perfect because Animal goes to war against stupid, cliche and trendy recruiting practices.

He’s been doing it forever.

Before you heard of the internet, Recruiting Animal was blogging about recruiting and hiring. Before you learned about LinkedIn, he was teaching recruiters that “social recruiting” isn’t just posting jobs on a social job board. And before you listened to Serial, Animal was podcasting.

Recruiting Animal has a huge persona. On his radio show, he’s known for yelling and being passionate. He’s not vulgar, but he is in your face with opinions and ideas. Honestly, Recruiting Animal paved the way for my career as a blogger. I broke out on the scene and had permission to be kooky because Animal did it first.

I’ve also learned how to be a better person from Recruiting Animal. He’s a generous soul who gives back to his readers and listeners. If you have something smart to say online, he wants to know you. If you’re a nice person, he will champion your clever ideas to other intelligent people. Animal is precisely the reason I end every presentation by introducing my audience to 3-5 bright thinkers who will change their lives.

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So please celebrate Recruiting Animal’s influence on the social HR and recruitment community by congratulating him on being the recipient of the 5th Annual Tim Sackett Day award.

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He’s really awesome.


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