Most recruiters are lazy. Things are broken, great talent is slipping through companies’ fingers, and no one is doing anything about it. Is it because they don’t want to, or because they don’t know how to? Today Laurie talks to ‘America’s Best Recruiter,’ Tim Sackett. Tim answers the most common questions he gets from talent recruitment managers including how he would fix recruitment for them.

  • Laurie asks a very pointed question: can recruitment be fixed or does it need to be changed from the ground up? According to Tim, there’s no single answer. Maybe it’s just a tech or metrics measurement problem. Perhaps it’s the company’s brand or even their performance management.
  • Tim dispels some major myths about why recruitment and retention are broken and it’s NOT candidate experience. That’s a made-up concept. So is employee experience. If you disagree, you need to hear Tim’s example from the movie Jerry McGuire. Are you the kind of boss you need to be? If so, the candidate and employee experience fall into line naturally.
  • Do you have to be a great manager to be a great leader and vice versa? Tim’s answer to this question is very revealing, and if you don’t know the subtle difference between the two, there’s a very good chance you’ll find your talent problem there.
  • Some leaders/managers do all the right things when it comes to ticking off boxes. But the big thing they’re missing is compassion, empathy. Tim is quick to advise against firing them or moving them to non-management positions. His pragmatic view might surprise you.
  • Tim and Laurie diverge just a bit from the topic to talk about putting content out there into the world, how to do it when you don’t know how, and how to deal with the haters even if you’re from Gen X or before. This is advice you don’t want to miss because it applies to more than just putting your content online.
  • Tim is releasing a book, The Talent Fix. In it, he addresses the major problems he sees when he works with companies. First among those is the belief that tech is the problem, not people. He gives his advice on how to deal with that issue right off the bat. Before you even ASK him for help.
  • You’ve heard of the ‘days to fill’ directive for recruitment teams. Tim explains the breakdown of why that measurement fails and offers an alternative: the recruitment funnel. It works kind of like a sales funnel and at the end of it, if you have 10 candidates and you only want to interview 1 of them, you know your funnel is broken.
  • Tim blows the lid off the truth about recruiters. They want that big paycheck but they don’t want to recruit. Instead, they want to be recruiting administrators, and Tim explains what that means, the ‘post and pray.’ In the same vein, Tim and Laurie talk about being mediocre or being exceptional at work. Where do you fall on the scale, and where do you want to be?
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