This week on Let’s Fix Work I am going to be talking about goals and goal setting. The topic is timely because I’m heading down to Atlanta to meet with my business coach, Jesse Itzler. I’m going to stand in front of him and my entire cohort of about 100 and I’m going to talk about why I didn’t achieve my fourth quarter goals in 2018.  Yes, it’s going to be hard. But, I am all about owning up to why I didn’t make things work and learning the steps needed to fix what wasn’t working.

In this episode, I share how and why I began working with Jesse. One of the things you will hear is about how Jesse coaches his clients using a system that prioritizes goals while focusing on your health, work, family, and creativity. When I began working with Jesse, I also wanted to layer that approach of prioritizing goals on top of a time management tracking tool and really learn how to spend my time doing the things that would move my life and my business forward. I wanted to put myself first.

At the beginning of the year, I took a page out of the corporate playbook and I got my head out of my ass. Once I started to have boundaries, I started to have goals. I began setting standards for myself and 2019 came into focus. I’ve been doing more writing, I’ve been doing more speaking and I’ve been doing more business development. But yet, I’ve been missing some goals because I’m human. Today, I also share insights and lessons about the best laid plans, because I’ve learned that even when you map it out and you create rock-solid systems, life happens.

If you want to hear about my successes and failures with goal setting, the importance of putting yourself first, and making an effort to at least try to attain a specific goal, then listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. My method for creating a system and plan for goal setting
  2. Writing a book proposal even if when I was scared and my pre-mortem told me I was sure to fail – but I got a book deal!
  3. Running life on your schedule and with integrity
  4. The importance of putting yourself first
  5. When to consider getting a coach or therapist

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