The commoditization of work is real and it’s not just for people at Uber and Postmates. The future of work has nothing to do with humans and has everything to do with worker metrics.

From retail to healthcare to hospitality, algorithms and machines that can do certain jobs are doing them and they’re doing them better than humans. We don’t get to digitization and automation without first having an honest discussion about how jobs are commodities. If a company can commoditize and outsource your job and remove the financial and emotional burden of being responsible for your overall experience, they will.

Guess what, folks? We’re not having an honest conversation about these topics. Until now, that is. In this episode of Let’s Fix Work, I’m talking about human resources and the commoditization of work. I share some strategies HR professionals and leaders can employ to put the focus back on humanness in human resources.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The future of work and examples of commoditization
  2. Full-time jobs are being replaced by contractors or freelancers
  3. The reason HR professionals need to start to pay attention to the gig-economy
  4. Why HR must get involved and start thinking about the whole talent pool

Resources from this episode:

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