What does the future of finding work look like? Well, my friends, it is challenging, of course. We all know that. Our guest today will help guide us through some of the struggles people face in a transition between jobs. Patrick Lynch is the President of CMP Southeast Region, a talent and transition firm that helps HR leaders develop their people and teams across the full talent life cycle – from talent acquisition and leadership development to organization development and outplacement support.

In this conversation, we speak honestly about the challenges of finding work, especially if you’re over 50, you’re a woman, or you’re differently abled. We talk about the ways in which outplacement can help you develop a network, grow your network, and find a job that you can actually be successful in. Plus, we talk about some of the challenges workers of all types are facing in today’s job economy. So if you want to think more strategically about the future of finding work or learn more about outplacement, check out this episode of Let’s Fix Work.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. What outplacement is and the ways this service can benefit you
  2. How getting a new job is changing and how to look at networking in the 21st century
  3. How an introvert really can be effective at networking
  4. Pat’s take on the future of work
  5. That older candidates must be creative at finding new work
  6. The importance of taking control and being a lifelong learner

“Things are moving at such a fast rate that you have to be always keeping yourself current because some industry darling all of a sudden could be disrupted in a matter of a few short years. Now what do you do? And so you have to have that ability to adapt and be flexible.” ~ Pat Lynch, CMP


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