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Let’s Fix Work Episode 64

This week I welcome Eric Knudsen to the podcast. Eric is the Manager of People Analytics at Namely, the all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today’s employees. Namely is also the sponsor and underwriter for Let’s Fix Work for the month of June, so I am thrilled to welcome Eric to the show.

In today’s show, Eric and I talk all about data. We talk in-depth about the world of data and its effect on informed decision-making in human resources today. So if you love hearing about organized data, messy data, or HR data, then stick around for this episode of Let’s Fix Work.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How we should be using data to make decisions in the workplace
  2. Some positive examples of companies doing some smart things with HR data
  3. Being focused on optimizing client decision-making
  4. Messy data is a reality, whether you’re 50,000 employees or 50 employees, it’s always there
  5. Eric’s thoughts on whether or not work is broken
  6. Data in the world of human resources

“I love helping people see through perceived obstacles.  I think there is a strong perception that data is for companies and bigger folks. The reality is, despite the fact that small and midsize businesses do often have a lower volume of data and sometimes even lack of skills or resources to really execute on a strong and long-term vision for data.  It’s actually the most critical time, when you’re small or midsize to put the foundational pieces in place for a data practice later.” Eric Knudsen, Manager of People Analytics, Namely

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