A note from a reader.

Okay, I know this is beneath your normal scope of cat humor and general HR awesomeness, but I wanted your opinion. I frequently received connection requests on LinkedIn from men of Middle Eastern descent. None of them ever have anything to do with HR or even belong to the same groups I do. Or have mutual connections.

I’m not racist by any means, but given the general knowledge of how women over there are treated, I struggle with even comprehending why they are trying to connect with me specifically. Also, none of the men ever live in the U.S. I always decline them, but am trying to figure out what the target and purpose is. Thanks.

Wait, did one of those guys look like this?

hot middle eastern dude

Because you should totally connect with a guy who looks like this.

Or was it this guy?

hot arab men

Because I might accept this invite, too.


I love this note because it’s so real.

  1. There are people from different countries who want to connect with American business professionals to expand their global networks. I support this, by the way. You have nothing to lose by connecting with someone new. (It sucks to receive a LinkedIn invite without context, but sending a generic invitation is not a crime.)
  2. Some people create fake accounts and try to acquire as much data about you, via your LinkedIn profile, and sell your information. (Read this about fake LinkedIn accounts.)
  3. And there are progressive dudes on LinkedIn who defy stereotypes and enjoy connecting with accomplished and smart women.

Get a LinkedIn connection request that looks sketchy? Do what you want. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. People only judge you when you attempt to explain yourself.

I would also tell you to stop taking things so seriously. LinkedIn is an advertising platform wrapped in a veil of social networking. Don’t struggle to manage your LinkedIn connection requests. Hit accept or decline, and then move on.

Me? I don’t have many rules on LinkedIn, but I will always say yes to hot dudes.

another hot middle eastern dude.jpg

Stick with that rule and you will be fine.

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