One thing that’s abundantly clear to me in life: there are some people who just love to volunteer.


I like to volunteer my time on my terms, which makes me a good financial donor but a very poor volunteer. People just prefer that I write a check. But having run a few races over the past year, I realize that I’m due.

I need to volunteer at a race.

Maybe I’ll hand out water. Maybe I’ll give out bananas. I dunno. But I’m the benefactor of volumes and volumes of generosity.

I need to pay it back.

I’ll keep you posted on where I volunteer!

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  1. When I raced in cycling time trials I made a point of shouting or gasping a thank you to every volunteer out on the course. The races don’t happen without these good people.

    Our club rules at the time were that everyone who raced should volunteer to help marshal at least one event a year. We were always short for people so I and others typically ended up doing five or six races each in a season. Once I got over the shock of a 4am start I enjoyed giving something back to my sport.

    I hope you enjoy your volunteer experience too.

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