It used to be easy to motivate workers. You would just give them feedback and tell them — if you want to earn more money, do better and do more of it.

Now everybody and your mother is a workplace expert because it’s so dang trendy on the internet. So here’s some of the best advice I’ve collected from smart people who think they know how to turn your employees into finely-tuned, engaged robots workers.

1. Tell a story about yourself where you’ve overcome desperate odds to be successful. Everybody likes to hear you talk about yourself.

2. Forward them an inspirational LinkedIn article. If you can’t find one, go check out Medium.

3. Follow the advice of thought leaders. People who don’t have real jobs have the best work-related knowledge.

4. Attend a conference. Nothing better than being away from work to motivate the people who work for you.

5. Use data. It doesn’t matter what data because 80% of statistics are lies. Just grab a spreadsheet and reinforce your point.

If you’re motivating someone on an email, don’t forget to add an inspirational quote at the end.

But if you’re just trying to motivate a worker in general, be creative and use video. Make sure to get your face up close to the camera. We want to see your teeth.

Good luck! 


  1. Depending upon manager or boss, #4 can be very motivating.

    Some managers should not be allowed near employees, or anything of importance. It is good when those people are away.

  2. Only self-motivated people can motivate others. Some employers think that a raise is a great way to show an employee you value their work and their contributions, but you can’t hand those out every day, and often can’t offer them every time they’re deserved. So, there should be some daily appreciation that can make your employees feel motivated everyday.

  3. Great to have you back Laurie. Or maybe you weren’t gone at all. Either way, you were missed and things are definitely better with you back . . . if you were gone. Just say’n. 🙂

  4. Welcome back. I missed the wit (with a touch of snark) of your blogs in my inbox. Today’s post made up for that.

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