Work-Life-Cats-2My cats don’t know that they’re not the center of the universe.

I like their sense of entitlement. It suits them. I don’t like losers with low self-esteem, either. My cats know that I have one big philosophy in this house: go big or go live in a trailer park with other cats.

So they go big.

Here’s an update.


My oldest cat, Jake, is sick with a lower airway disease that makes it tough for him to breathe. He has ongoing heart issues and degenerative joint disease that makes his limbs shake, too. He’s on some medication for those issues. I was going to have a whole bunch of risky and expensive tests performed to diagnose his illness; however, the emergency room veterinarian told me that the biggest risk is finding out that he’s old. Since we know that, we are treating him with conservative medications and letting nature take its course. It’s a mature and responsible plan. Everybody dies. That’s a bummer to write, but hopefully we’ll get more time out of him!


Molly is fine. Still hates Scrubby. Still loves my husband more than she loves me. Likes me fine when I give her treats, though. Isn’t that how it always works?


Scrubby still pees from time-to-time. Ken and I spend hours debating whether or not he’s happy. Would he like to go live in a feral cat community? Would he like to live in a barn? Then he snuggles up next to me, and I’m like, dang, you’re my favorite. It’s like an abusive relationship. I love him. He pees on Molly’s favorite cat bed. Next he’ll be doing meth and asking me for my paycheck.


Emma is on allergy meds and shots, which is hilarious because I’m on allergy meds and shots. We are both allergic to dust mites, but we only have one major room with carpet in the house. Our bedding is regularly washed in high-end anti-allergen detergent. I vacuum daily, and I bought a Rabbit Air machine on Black Friday. (I have a Honeywell air filter in my bedroom, too.) So who the hell knows what’s up with us. The vet school told me that NC is a tough place for cats and humans with allergies. I am not moving, so we might have to buy a stainless steel house.


My little Roxy girl is awesome. She has tornado-like energy and is learning to jump up onto crazy-high spots in our house. She’s been in the basement rafters. She fell into a bathtub full of lavender epsom salts. Her new thing? She likes to pounce on Scrubby. Luckily, Scrubby is an easy-going cat and doesn’t try to hurt her. If anything, he wants to get away from her bullshit.

So life is a little hectic, but what the hell else am I doing with my time? Some people work for money. Some people work for personal fulfillment. I work for my cats.

I think that’s okay.


  1. Laurie,

    Love the cat updates! Was wondering how Jake is doing; sounds like a reasonable plan of treatment. Lemme know how that stainless steel house thing works out 🙂

  2. Thanks for the meow-updates. 🙂
    I’ve been wondering about Jake, and while it’s sad to learn the expected is happening, c’est la vie. He’s having an awesome run.
    Love the Scrubs update: “doing meth and asking for my paycheck”. Typical kid.
    And yay for Roxy for mixing it up a bit!
    – Simone

  3. Not only will Scrubby be doing meth and asking for your paycheck, he will soon start stealing the credit cards from your wallet and you may come home one day to learn the house has been listed with a realtor. #catspiral

  4. Here’s hoping that Jake is comfortable and brings you many more purrs. Mia Meow was great for chilling out some of Brew’s most obnoxious behaviors, so maybe Roxy will do the same for Scrubbs? He is still Brew, but she has taken some of the edge off.

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