COVID-19 has changed each of our lives. Some of us have lost jobs, while others of us are working in a whole new way. Many of us have battled sickness or been through the trenches with a sick family member or friend. There has been so much heartbreak, uncertainty, confusion, fear, and despair. No one is immune. That is why the phrase, “we’re all in this together” has become more common than ever.

My best friend Jennifer McClure understands this very well. During COVID-19, she has sold a home, moved, cared for her sick mother, lost many job opportunities, and rebooted her business. None of it has been easy and all of it took hard work.

However, Jennifer says that she’s learned so much as a result of these drastic life changes. She’s grown as a person by discovering more about herself and where she thrives. 

For example, she says, “Some of the biggest takeaways that I’ve seen in my life of the capacity for people, when they’re needed, to step up and care for someone who maybe has not even been kind to them, that we as humans can do hard things and the blessing is there in some way, in some form when we do that.”

Like Jennifer, we’ve all learned something about ourselves and our fellow humans during COVID-19. If we would just reflect on the past few months, we would come up with countless takeaways that could impact our lives forever.

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