In a recent episode of Let’s Fix Work, I spoke with Dane Hurtubise, Vice President of Platform and Partnerships at Greenhouse Software. We talked about moments that matter, whether it’s in the interview process, the hiring process, pre-boarding, or onboarding. Dane discusses how those moments matter and that they also better be great, especially in our current talent-driven economy. He makes some great points regarding how relationships are changing between employers and their employees and how technology can enhance those relationships.

One critical element that Dane discusses in relation to making moments matter is the process of onboarding. He says, “Onboarding to me is that full development of the individual in the organization to be productive, happy, and a good citizen.” And this does not merely refer to a new employee’s orientation process or “pre-boarding.” Rather, onboarding is much deeper. It is a process which involves the employee’s growth with the company. He describes it as involving three development cycles:

  1. Personal growth of an employee where they master their role
  2. Developing meaningful relationships with others at work so that they can mentor others
  3. Embodying the organization’s values so they can represent those values outside of the company

Good onboarding sets the employee up with, as Dane says, “how to be a good citizen inside of the organization.”

The other important aspect to understand about onboarding is it is a team effort within the organization.

Many levels of leadership, recruitment managers, and hiring managers must be involved and proactive with new candidates coming into their offices. It requires the best practices within the company to prepare the employee to be successful at their job. If you want to hear how Greenhouse Software can help bring meaning back to your office, how to advance the onboarding process, or how to empower employees, then listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work.