Tired business woman in stress works at a laptop while sitting at a table at home.Guess what? I’ve got some news. Remember when I teamed up with Aptitude Research? Feels like ages ago, right? Well, my buddy Kyle and I are now diving headfirst into the world of performance management with a new study and research survey.

Now, you might wonder, “Why? Are you depressed? Do you like old things? What’s the interest in such a boring topic?”

Well, you’re right. Performance management is tiring. But it’s been quite the roller coaster during the summer of 2023, hasn’t it? The way we work and how we perceive our roles are undergoing some seismic shifts. And with all this, a big question pops up: “Does performance management still sit at the heart of our workplaces?”

I’m leaning toward a big yes — even though it makes me groan.

If HR and leadership teams get performance metrics wrong, it can throw off just about everything else. That’s a big deal.

Right now, we’ve got talent shortages when layoffs are the talk of the town, ongoing debates around DEIB that should be settled already, and a flood of economic data that doesn’t seem to comfort either business bigwigs or their teams. There’s so much chatter from HR tech folks about revolutionizing the workspace and leaning on data for performance reviews. But is that walk matching the talk? Or do our age-old biases still overshadow the genuine push for transparent and constructive feedback? And with AI stamping its mark everywhere, are we really seeing the complete picture when evaluating an employee?

I have no idea. I have old assumptions and biases, which is why I’m coming to you with questions. Is there an organization out there that’s truly thrilled with its performance management approach? Who is it? Where are they? If not, why dance around with this whole charade if it’s not driving us toward our business objectives? Kyle and I are super eager to figure out where performance management tech is zooming toward, especially given the whirlwind changes in HR tech overall. We’re anxious to know how businesses size up their teams and talk about compensation in this process, too. What’s making a splash? What’s a total flop? Got an opinion on this? We do, but we’re not sure if it’s right. Tell us yours!

If you can spare 7-10 minutes, it’d be super helpful for our quest to capture a snapshot of where performance management stands today. We hope to get a clear image of the maze that HR and business leaders are navigating. Share your thoughts, and in return, you’ll get the first dibs on our research report (launching in early October), plus an exclusive invite to a webinar we’re piecing together.  And if you have something smart to say about performance management, performance enablement, or performance technology, there’s a place in the survey to raise your hand.

Ready to jump in? Just tap on the link.