Hey, everybody. Years ago, I wrote something called “The Punk Rock HR Handbook.”

Do you remember it?

It no longer exists in the original form, but people still ask me about it. It was a manifesto on how to be a good employee so you’ll never need HR.

I found my old notes, and we decided to publish the no-holds-barred, honest DIY HR Handbook for employees and pros in conjunction with Let’s Fix Work.

Is this something you would find useful again? Let contact me and let me know!

Want to fix work? Start by fixing yourself and stop whining about HR.

Maybe we can’t fix work on a blog, but we can help you stay out of trouble with human resources.


  1. I loved Punk Rock HR! Even though I was working in HR at the time that blog lightened my stressful days. And I learned about HR too! Now I find myself working 3 jobs, none of which have an HR department. I have to think on that for a bit…

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