Hey, everybody. Years ago, I wrote something called “The Punk Rock HR Handbook.”

Do you remember it?

It no longer exists in the original form, but people still ask me about it. It was a manifesto on how to be a good employee so you’ll never need HR.

I found my old notes, and we decided to publish the no-holds-barred, honest DIY HR Handbook for employees and pros in conjunction with Let’s Fix Work.

Want to fix work? Start by fixing yourself and stop whining about HR.

Would you like a copy? Download it for free!

Maybe we can’t fix work on a blog, but we can help you stay out of trouble with human resources.

2 Responses to Punk Rock HR Handbook
  1. Dawn M Armstrong (HR Hooligan)

    I loved Punk Rock HR! Even though I was working in HR at the time that blog lightened my stressful days. And I learned about HR too! Now I find myself working 3 jobs, none of which have an HR department. I have to think on that for a bit…

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