The wait is nearly over!

Punk Rock HR, your go-to podcast dedicated to the ins and outs of transforming work, is making a comeback on April 3, 2023. Sponsored by Betterworks for the quarter, we’re excited to bring fresh episodes filled with insightful discussions, innovative ideas, and practical advice tailored for HR professionals and business leaders alike.

Get ready for engaging conversations with some of the industry’s brightest minds, including CEOs, best-selling authors, and influential HR leaders.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our outstanding upcoming guests:

Doug Dennerline & Jamie Aitken

Join us for an insightful conversation with Doug Dennerline, an experienced CEO in the HR tech space, and Jamie Aitken, a distinguished HR thought leader specializing in talent management and employee engagement. They’ll discuss the future of HR and technology’s crucial role in its development. Plus, they’ll preview their new book, “Make Work Better: Revolutionizing How Great Bosses Lead, Give Feedback, and Empower Employees.

Enrique Rubio

We’ll chat with Enrique Rubio, founder of the Hacking HR community and a key figure in the HR tech space. Enrique will emphasize the importance of staying ahead in HR and embracing cutting-edge innovations.

Karoline Saffi

Karoline Saffi, an HR expert passionate about organizational psychology and inclusive workplaces, will share her thoughts on cultivating a diverse and supportive work environment while promoting a healthier workplace culture.

Dr. Mary Ann Horton

Dr. Horton, a trailblazing author and computer scientist, helps organizations implement inclusion programs focused on transgender employees. We’ll explore the power of data in driving inclusion and how empathy and understanding can revolutionize workplace dynamics and boost employee satisfaction.

Lexi B

In this episode, I’ll talk with Lexi B, a tech freedom fighter at the crossroads of essential workplace conversations. Lexi B and I will delve into her origin story and why business is always personal. This chat promises to be a fun one!

David Glasgow

David Glasgow and I will discuss his best-selling book, “Say the Right Thing: How to Talk About Identity, Diversity, and Justice,” and his vision for a work environment that embraces challenges, fosters diversity, and enables creativity and productivity.

Liz Vaccariello

Editor-in-Chief and journalist Liz Vaccariello shares her unique perspective on storytelling, the power of effective communication in forging strong workplace relationships, and her journey to success.

Carlos Escobar

Join our engaging conversation with Carlos Escobar, a seasoned HR leader specializing in change management, employee development, and organizational development. Carlos and I will examine the successes and shortcomings of corporate America during the pandemic. Spoiler alert: We got COVID at about the same time after running a half-marathon together.

Punk Rock HR podcast is back, better than ever, and boasts a lineup of top-tier guests eager to share their knowledge and expertise. Mark your calendars for April 3, 2023, and prepare to dive into captivating conversations that challenge your thinking and inspire fresh ideas in human resources. Whether you’re an avid HR professional or a leader committed to creating better work environments, the Punk Rock HR podcast is your go-to source for stimulating discussions and practical insights. Don’t miss out – subscribe now on iTunes, Spotify, or any other platform and join us on this rousing journey!