I am the queen of HR swag, and now I’m opening up a Punk Rock HR Shop. 

You’re like—what? 

punk rock hr shop

Here’s the backstory. Long before kids did their TikToks and snappy snaps, I used YouTube to review conference giveaways and tchotchkes. My old channel was full of reflections on squeeze balls, t-shirts, and tote bags. A vendor once gave away oil paintings, and the marketing team begged me to razz them on video.

It’s been nine years since I made one of those videos, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that karma isn’t a bitch because I’m selling Punk Rock HR merchandise.


It’s all for the animals. There are t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and mugs that will benefit rescued cats and kittens. You can even buy a half-hour of my time, and I’ll take the money and make a donation in your honor to Safe Haven for Cats.

Now be warned: the shop is an experiment in e-commerce, built by a team of liberal arts majors who are bad at math and don’t like to spend money on shipping. Devon did some spreadsheets, but we’re keeping prices low. Honestly, I’m still unsure if we’ll make any money. Here’s my promise to you. If there’s a pile of cash left in my Bank of America bank account when this is all over, Safe Haven will get it. We promise transparency about this! 

Don’t want any of the items in the Punk Rock HR shop? 

That’s too bad. Buy something, anyway. It’s all about reciprocity. My mom once told me that I should have a baby ASAP because I’d never make back the money I spent on other people’s baby showers. 

Again, I don’t surround myself with people who are good at math. Still, I know this: Punk Rock HR is my defacto baby in this scenario, and it would be great if you made my mom happy and bought a hoodie—especially if I ever bought Girl Scout cookies, wrapping paper, or magazine subscriptions from your kids. 

How do I buy something for the kitties?

Head on over to the Punk Rock HR shop right now and pick out something for yourself and your loved ones. Then, I’ll ship that shit straight from my living room and into your mailbox when I get a second.

We’ll report back later in December on the total amount we’ve raised—or sooner if we sell out of merchandise.

Now get shopping