Confidence is the name of the game when you do anything at the professional level unless you’re a blogger.

If you’re a blogger, whether it be HR or golf, you are rewarded for introspection and self-doubt. The higher the level of dysfunction, the more readers feel as if you’re real and human. Radical uncertainty is the ultimate tool that allows readers to step into the role of author and learn something new about themselves.

If you think this applies to millennial female bloggers who write about their menstrual cycles, think again. From marketing to motorsports, most authors will admit that the most popular blog posts they’ve written are the ones that are intimate, confessional, and totally raw.

There are a few bloggers out there who try to flip the script and write about living self-actualized lives. But those bloggers drop a somber note every now and again to remind you that they were once flawed and broken. They might refer to an inflection point in the form of a mountain of financial debt or a career crisis, and it was in that very moment of radical uncertainty where they stepped out of the shadows of anxiety made a decision: be miserable or choose happiness.

My blogging career peaked in 2012 because I’m not talented enough to embrace radical uncertainty and teach everybody a lesson on a daily basis. And I don’t live an exciting enough life to offer a backstage pass to my life and motivate you to choose happiness or misery.

Choose whatever the heck you want.

I’m still blogging, though, because it’s a form of meditation. If consciousness exists in layers, my blog is a manifestation of how I deal with the first level of emotional storms, psychological smog, and cognitive debris.

So, for me, blogging is a selfish act. Yes, there’s some radical uncertainty. But there’s also a fair amount of confidence when it comes to HR because I know I’m right.

But mostly it’s just training and preparation.

Training and preparation for what? Who the hell knows. Work, life, everything. I’m just grateful that people stop over here to read what I write.


  1. “Choose whatever the Heck you want” – It is a pleasure to read your blog. Keep on preparing…

  2. I agree with Chris. I read it every day (I even look every day…. and leave a bit disappointed if I don’t see a new post).
    Keep writing! About whatever the heck you want. It is always interesting. x

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