Today is #RememberMeThursday, a day where the world shines a light on the importance of pet adoption and orphan pets who are waiting in shelters and rescues. Remember Me Thursday with Laurie Ruettimann

When I worked in human resources, I volunteered for a local animal rescue. I couldn’t save every kitten and puppy from euthanasia, but I could raise money, remove stray and abandoned animals from the local shelter, and place them into temporary foster homes.

It was vital for me to volunteer because, honestly, I was bored and turning into a one-dimensional person who obsessed with work. But it was also essential to get involved because the numbers don’t look very good for stray and abandoned animals. Yes, there were times when it seemed hopeless. It seemed as if there were too many animals, not enough loving homes. But it was worth it.

I learned that complex problems don’t get fixed by superheroes who swoop to save the day. We make positive, incremental change by reaching out at the local level and making a case for change to our friends, colleagues and neighbors. What’s true of animal rescue is also true of most challenges in the workplace.

So, I’m here on #RememberMeThursday to encourage you to choose adoption and find a shelter pet from your local community. Donate to animal welfare groups that reduce euthanasia and protect even the smallest creatures from abuse and neglect. And volunteer with stray animals if you ever find yourself struggling at work and looking for a sense of purpose.

Remember Me Thursday is a pretty terrific day, and I hope you visit their page to learn more about it. Then find me on Twitter and Instagram and tag me with a photo of your adopted pet. I’m partial to cats, but I love everything—dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, horses, and snakes.

We get one shot at life, all of us. Let’s be kind to the animals among us.

Remember Me Thursday | Laurie's cats, Bruce & Quinn

Two adorable scrubby cats that I rescued and help find a forever home. (Left, Quinn & right, Bruce)

Remember Me Thursday with Laurie

Now going into its eighth year, Remember Me Thursday aims to unite individuals

and pet adoption organizations worldwide to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.

In the previous six years of the campaign, over 190 countries supported the movement with hundreds of thousands of individuals and more than 700 separate animal welfare organizations around the globe holding candle-lighting ceremonies of their own, spreading the message on social media, visiting the Remember Me Thursday website, or lighting a virtual candle.