Whether you’re a student, in the middle of your career, or a retiree, you may have felt unqualified. So, what’s the message to somebody who feels average and unqualified?

Well, Amanda Nachman, author of #Qualified: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize, joined me on my podcast to talk about the stress, fear, and uncertainty of today’s job search; and breaks down how to build yourself up when the world is ready to tear you down. 

Amanda has a way of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. And I admire that outlook. 

Most of us have multiple iterations of our business or career. We start with an idea or a brand, and then like the hero’s journey, we fail. That’s typically what happens. And then you have to start up again in a new way. 

In today’s professional climate, I think many are about to embark on a new career journey. 

If that sounds like you, Amanda had some motivating advice, “You don’t need to wait around for someone to tell you that you’re qualified. You can build the experience on your own.”

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