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The growing trend towards healthier lifestyles and wellness consciousness has driven the emergence of alcohol-free or low-alcohol drinks.

One particular area that has experienced substantial growth is non-alcoholic bitters, thanks to the creativity and resilience of innovative entrepreneurs.

This blog post takes a deep dive into the world of non-alcoholic bitters, the process of their creation, and the transformative journeys of those behind these innovative drinks.

We also discuss the story of Carly and Ian Blessing and how they launched a new company called, “All The Bitter.”

From Addiction to Innovation: The Journey

In hospitality and gastronomy, The French Laundry is a name that commands respect. Yet, for two sommeliers, Carly and Ian Blessing, it was the place where their struggles with alcohol use disorder began. However, their story doesn’t stop at their addiction. After recognizing their issues, they navigated the challenging path to sobriety. In their recovery, they saw an opportunity to use their experience and passion for flavors to create a brand of alcohol-free cocktail bitters, “All the Bitter.” Their unique journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and creativity.

The Art of Crafting Non-Alcoholic Bitters

The process of creating non-alcoholic bitters involves meticulous kitchen experiments. This process morphs into a full-blown commercial operation with time. The ingredients are macerated with a high-proof alcohol base, and the amount used in a drink typically won’t make it alcoholic. The resulting product is a unique, flavourful, and innovative alternative to alcoholic bitters. Carly and Ian’s experience in the restaurant industry was instrumental in understanding inventory management, recipe tracking, and other corporate-adjacent processes. 

Finding a Supportive Community Outside Work

Recovery is not just a personal journey; it also involves finding a supportive community. For Carly and Ian, an online community centered around non-alcoholic beverages provided a safe and encouraging space. It also led to their realization of the growing interest in non-alcoholic alternatives, ultimately influencing the creation of “All the Bitter.” Additionally, AA meetings played a vital role in their recovery process. 

The Growth of the Family Business

The journey from addiction to creating a non-alcoholic bitters brand has been a family affair for Carly and Ian. With the addition of Ian’s stepdad, Ed, to their team, they’ve managed to navigate the challenges of a family business while maintaining the essence of their brand. The story of “All the Bitter” is a testament to transforming personal challenges into opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The emergence of non-alcoholic bitters is more than just a trend. It reflects the changing societal attitudes toward alcohol consumption and is a testament to the creativity and resilience of individuals like Carly and Ian. Their story is a powerful reminder that even the most challenging experiences can serve as a springboard for innovation and success. 

As non-alcoholic bitters continue to gain popularity, they are redefining the cocktail scene and offering a viable and delicious alternative for those seeking to enjoy the flavor and ritual of a cocktail minus the alcohol. 

Their journey and the rise of ‘All the Bitter’ is an inspiring example of how passion, creativity, and resilience can turn a personal challenge into an opportunity for innovation and growth. It’s a stirring tale, one cocktail at a time.

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