I have all kinds of goals in 2020, but my biggest goal is to bully my sister into quitting smoking.

Bullying works, right?

Shoot, it doesn’t.

The only thing that works is to offer low-cost smoking cessation programs and prevent other people from smoking in the first place.

That’s why I hustle up a skyscraper every year to support the Respiratory Health Association. Whether it’s reducing the dangers we face from air pollution, preventing tobacco use or improving access to health care, Respiratory Health Association is committed to advancing policies to protect lung health and help people living with disease today and in future generations.

RHA cares about inner-city kids with asthma. They are at the forefront of combatting the health effects of air pollution and climate change. And they were early to Tobacco 21.

I’d love your support in battling lung disease. Please make an end-of-year donation here and help others breathe easier.

We don’t have to bully my sister — except in blog posts. We can make it easier for her to quit when she’s ready.

Thanks for your support!

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