social media diet

social media diet

My social media diet failed. More specifically, I failed at giving up social media and watching the news for thirty days.

June was a heartbreaker of a month. Avoiding the press coverage of Orlando was tough. The Supreme Court made historic rulings that were important to me. Also, Istanbul.

So much. Too much. Ugh.

When it was pretty clear that staying off social media 100% wasn’t going to work, I made a pact with myself to check my feeds 2x day. But that was the wrong move because lurking is just a nice way of saying “stalking.”

And just like you can’t give up alcohol but also have a morning drink, you can’t quit social media unless you quit it.

But June wasn’t a total failure. I do appreciate the reduction of HR tweets in my social media diet. Nothing gives me more joy than forgetting I have a LinkedIn account, even if it’s just for a day or two. And while I appreciate how my friend Lars posts all his favorite articles from NPR on Facebook — and he’s an excellent curator and totally aligned with my tastes — it was fun to visit the NPR website on its own.

I’m glad July is here. I’m not rushing to install any apps back onto my phone — except Instagram. (I missed posting photos of my cats, of course.) But I’m on to my next monthly challenge. In July, I’ll be giving up bread and pasta and trying to eat like an athlete instead of a frat boy.

Happy July, everybody. Hope it’s a good one for you.


  1. Me too. I tried to make June an FB Free month but found that:
    1. I missed my tribe too much.
    2. I went to some neat new spaces and as a photographer, feel morally compelled to share the sites.
    3. I still feel that I was off more than I was on.
    4. Did anyone miss me?
    5. The July challenge will be daily meditations and continue with my 100×100 challenge.

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