I believe you can read 12 books in 2018. I’m starting #HRBookClub to make this goal a reality for you.

Reading is a crucial habit for leaders and business professionals, and far too many people leave high school and never pick up a book again. Maybe you’re one of those people — too busy and tired — and many books look boring. In fact, many traditional HR books are boring. That’s why I’m creating #HRBookClub. Why waste time reading bad books? That makes no sense.

While researching book clubs, I learned that quite a few of them are formal and even dogmatic. There’s a book assignment, meetings, discussions, and even homework. Reading is hard enough for some people. Why complicate it? And what if you don’t like the book of the month? Do you just skip it? That’s stupid. I won’t allow needless complexity in #HRBookClub.

Some of the book clubs are too elitist, as well. You might enjoy reading books on the intersection of climate change, behavioral economics, and blockchain. You’re probably not the guy for the #HRBookClub. But if you don’t read 12 books a year, we’ve got your back.

Also, a lot of the book clubs are too feminine and try to emulate Oprah. Who doesn’t want to drink Pinot Grigio and bitch about their kids while attending the neighborhood book club? There’s only one Oprah, and anybody else who tries to mimic her style is doomed to fail. I promise that #HRBookClub is not just for menopausal women with a Lexus RX, although we welcome those women. That’s my future. I can’t run from it.

So, stay tuned for more updates. I’m currently working on a website and formal plan for #HRBookClub. It won’t be ready in the next week, but I don’t care. I’ll announce the book selections for January on my blog on Tuesday, and we’ll roll with the punches.

Welcome to #HRBookClub, everybody. Reading will change your life if you let it. Let’s start with a realistic goal — one book a month — and go from there. We’re in this together!


  1. Laurie
    Happy New Year. Thanks for continuing to share your blogs – authentic, unique, and really funny. I hope to continue reading them in 2018. I also hope that I can join your book club as one of the few scared and intimidated males that will surely be outnumbered by a females that are a whole lot smarter than myself. I have left my email address below. P.S. – the sign up for your book club that is in your email does not allow the reader to submit a request.

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