As you read this, I’m in Omaha talking to a bunch of great people from Stryker about working in human resources.

(Wait. It’s not as bad as it sounds. And I’m debuting my new Brooks Brothers dress, which I’ll wear to death on the 2015 corporate speaker circuit.)

You may wonder — what the hell do you say to talented HR professionals that they haven’t heard before?

I say — I’ll be talking about Twitter! Just kidding. I have a slide deck, of course, but mostly I’ll ditch the deck and use random stories to make the case that HR professionals need to attack our public relations problems.

I believe we should do what we want in HR, when we want, on demand and without apology.

* Have a vision for HR? Show, don’t tell.
* Have a theory about how you can improve something in your business? Be sneaky. Beta test it, make it rock, and then tell people about what you just accomplished.
* Want to change your life or a bad habit? Start small. Tackle one piece. Then tackle another. Nobody notices the small stuff, but they do notice a change in the long-run.

Should you work collaboratively and try to be a good partner? Well, of course. But sometimes collaboration isn’t possible. That’s when you should channel your inner LFR and get to work.

They can hate you for making progress, but they can’t blame you if things go right.

And chances are you’re a good person. You have friends. You often make good decisions. Nobody is going to hate you or fault you when things go right or wrong.

So get to work and start doing what you want, when you want, and continue to change the face of HR.

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