I eased off my running, this week, because my marathon is Sunday.

The methodology in which I back off my mileage and get ready for my race is called tapering, and it’s boring as hell. You can google it if you want to learn more.

I tried a new taper strategy. I spent a week away from anything that would remind me of my upcoming marathon, which helped. Here’s how it went down:

I flew from Raleigh to Detroit to San Diego to Atlanta to Miami to Atlanta and back to Raleigh. I ran along the ocean. I ate poached eggs with mushrooms and beurre blanc — twice. I drank water. I drank a Mai Tai and didn’t regret it. I saw friends on both coasts. I made some cash. I talked about work, power, politics, money, social media, marketing, talent acquisition programs and wearable technology that will allow you to know when your employees have low blood sugar and an upset tummy.

I talked to data and marketing geeks. I talked to HR geeks. I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, and then I put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Now I’m home. I am ready to run.

But that’s not bad for a regular week — let alone a taper week. I do life right!

My taper week. #flipagram ♫ Music: Tanlines – All Of Me @flipagram #runoaks #TMAHRBP #sumtotaltc14

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