HUSTLE2015Hello, friends!

I’m about a week away from running up The John Hancock building in Chicago. It’s 94 floors of insanity. My goal (as always) is to beat 20 minutes. I am always slightly short of my goal because I can’t take two steps at a time, but maybe this year will be the year.

I wanted to thank everybody for donating to Respiratory Health Association. Your donations will fund research and programs that enhance the quality of so many people’s lives. The work they do is amazing.

I also want to thank everybody who donated and shared a story of how they’ve been impacted by lung disease. Your stories are meaningful, and I’m honored to run on behalf of your friends and family members.

Finally, if you have a little cash to spare, I would love to reach $3500 by the time I run up those stairs. Please consider donating. This is my final fundraising-related blog post, so any support you could offer would be appreciated.

I don’t have any NPR tote bags, but if I did, they would be yours.

Thanks for your love and support. I’m hustling up these stairs for you.


PS – Follow the event on Twitter by typing in and #hustle2015. You can cheer on all the amazing climbers!

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