The independent workforce has surged over the last several years. Waves of people have decided they want more control over their own lives. Now, with COVID-19, we are seeing more employees than ever transition to an independent work style. 

Carl Camden has followed this progression closely and advocated greatly for these independent workers. He is the founder and president of iPSE-U.S. Carl has dedicated more than 25 years of his life to advocating politically for the independent workforce. This has looked like creating career opportunities and seeking justice for independent workers by challenging leaders to adapt to the future of work.

I asked Carl how he was advocating in Washington for independent workers today. He said, “Surprisingly, one of the issues that we have to deal with as we look at providing benefits and support for independent workers is a set of archaic regulations inside the U.S. tax code… That puts a lot of pressure on those workers to have to be classified as employees rather than allowing them to continue their status that they want to have as an independent worker.” 

In order to combat this and other forms of discrimination against independent workers, iPSE-U.S. has been a part of coalitions that are working to make it a certainty that independent workers can have access to the same types of support and benefits that employees take for granted.

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