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What’s next is that we have some work to do right now. What got us here to this moment of reckoning won’t get us there—to a better, safer world where individual worth matters more than the work we do for someone in power.

I’m working on a couple of things, right now, to make the world a better place. First, I’m supporting Joe Biden for President and working hard to ensure his election. (Can you beat a cheater who teams with the Russians? I’m not sure.) He has an upcoming town hall with Barack Obama, and you can chip in anything to attend. You should go and learn more about the campaign.

Next, four kittens are living in my bonus room above the garage. They were born under a double-wide trailer. My friend lost several of her part-time jobs due to the pandemic. She cannot afford to raise them, spay and neuter them, and find them homes. So, I took on these kitties as my summer project. Not everybody can protest or tear down Confederate statues, but everybody can meet a need in their local community. Feeling hopeless about the future? Get some kittens or puppies, and you’ll be too tired to scroll on Twitter and feel depressed.

Finally, I’m amplifying good work done by my friends and colleagues. My weekly newsletter touches on the excellent work done by Kate Bischoff to move SHRM forward. If you want to know more about what’s happening at SHRM, read a superb roundup, and then lend a hand. ✊ cescobar.com/2020/06/20/we-need-courage-and-change-at-shrm/

Newsletters won’t change the world, but they do keep us connected. It’s my goal to share three things every week: the best thing I’ve read, a message to inspire people to act, and a shoutout to someone who is doing great work.

Hope you find it helpful. I wrote it for you.